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Ichythosaur Fossil Reproduction33 3/4"W x 14 3/4"H
Part Number: fossil 1

Ichthyosaurs Fossil Reproduction measures 33 3/4" wide x 14 7/8" tall x 1" thick

Ichthyosaurs (Greek for "fish lizard" - ichthys meaning "fish" and sauros meaning "lizard") were giant marine reptiles  that resembled fish and dolphins. Ichthyosaurs thrived during much of the Mesozoic era; based on fossil evidence, they first appeared approximately 245 million years ago and disappeared about 90 million years ago, about 25 million years before the dinosaurs became extinct. During the middle Triassic Period, ichthyosaurs evolved from as-yet unidentified land reptiles that moved back into the water, in a development parallel to that of the ancestors of modern-day dolphins and whales. They were particularly abundant in the Jurassic Period, until they were replaced as the top aquatic predators by plesiosaurs in the Cretaceous Period. They belong to the order known as Ichthyosauria or Ichthyopterygia ('fish flippers' - a designation introduced by Sir Richard Owen in 1840. (source: Wikipedia)

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