By far, the best way is "One on One, Hands On Training" from an experienced wildlife artist.

That's where we come in. We offer our lessons on a one-on-one basis. Each step that the instructor does, you will do. This gives you a comprehensive knowledge of the smallest details. We feel that by working with you, rather than looking over the instructors shoulder, you will be able learn much more efficiently. By working one-on-one we can gauge which areas you will need more assistance in.

Your instructors will be either Randy Turner or Bob Turner. Bob has been in the taxidermy business for 40 years, and Randy has been doing birds and fish for the last 20 years. Both have given numerous seminars at various state taxidermy conventions, along with judging several shows. Both are multiple award winners at many competitions.

Each phase will cover skinning procedures, accurate measuring for mannikins, tanning methods, fleshing, mounting techniques, finishing, airbrushing, record keeping and game laws. All the procedures to insure a long lasting mount are stressed. We do not teach "short cuts" that reduce the quality of your work.

If you are interested in taking your interest to the next level, give us a call or email us for more information.

Recent Students:


I recently took the bird taxidermy class with Randy, and let me tell you it was worth every penny. Prior to taking the class I had been dabbling in semi-successful self taught bird taxidermy for about a year and a half. I had purchased a few videos, combed through u-tube, read books, and spent days on teaching myself. I had gotten the just of the bird taxidermy basics down and had put together about seven birds over this time span. I was able to get the birds put together but was very unsatisfied with the results. I had all types of beginner issues such as cleaning issues, anatomy, grooming, and producing very stiff/ridged looking birds.

In my first day of class alone Randy helped me understand that everything about anatomy was right there in front of me before I ever started anything. Moving forward he helped me to correct things that I had been doing incorrectly and verify/further build on what I was doing correctly. Randy is a very awesome teacher with tons of patients and understanding. I am not the fastest person and Randy hung in with me as long as it took me to perform the steps correctly. He never once rushed me even on some of those nights we were there till after seven o’clock. Randy made sure to explain everything that was going on and made sure I was with him though verbal contact. I don’t know how many times he would show me something and not get a response only to turn around to see this dumb look on my face. His response was “What ?”, and I would proceed to explain how difficult or complicated I had made that step in the past….Lol. He always welcomed my suggestions and entertained my comments as this was a two way learning street. Randy helped me to understand reference and to account for the angles of the reference. The most magical trick of all was showing me how to portray motion and attitude in my mounts.

I would like to thank Randy, Bob, Bill, and Jason for a fun and very educational weeklong stay with you guys in the studio. Thanks a million guys and a special thanks to Randy for giving me the gift of knowledge that will remain with me for a lifetime.

My hats off to you fine gentlemen and I can’t wait till I can take the next class.

Dan from LaMarque  

In March of 2012, I attended a one-day waterfowl class with Randy Turner. Let me just say that this was one of the most sound investments in over thirty years of participating in the art of taxidermy. The class included all aspects from skinning, fleshing, washing, manikin alterations, carcass measurements, reading reference, painting, feet injection and posing. The class was very exciting, comfortable, innovative and inspirational to launch my waterfowl taxidermy to a new level. Randy was very open to any questions that I had. Only one month after the class, every piece I entered in the state show scored high blue ribbons! I would seriously recommend a one on one class with Randy. He is a great teacher!

Todd Broussard

Broussard’s Taxidermy

I just wanted to let anyone who is thinking about learning or improving their
skills in bird taxidermy, should seriously consider a class with Randy Turner. I
just got back home from taking a bird taxidermy and base making course at
Lone Star Taxidermy Supply with Randy, I spent 9 long days learning
everything I could about birds, ducks and base making. This is the first time I
have ever tried to do ANY taxidermy. Let me tell you, it was money well spent.
I have hunted birds and ducks for many years but never really looked at them
the way a taxidermist or (taxidermist apprentice) would. I learned more about
bird anatomy in 9 days with Randy then all my years of hunting I will never
look at a bird or duck the same way. Randy has a truck load of patience and a
simple way about explaining how things are done and what tools to use and
how to use them. And to top it off he knows all the good places to eat, LOL.
Randy I want to thank You and Bob for all your hospitality I felt as welcome asCapt. Bruce Miller
an old friend the whole time I was there. Randy your class exceeded expectations. Again I want to thank my new friends Randy and Bob for a great learning experience. If anyone would like to contact me personally and ask about my great experience, please give me a call (210)827-4269

Capt Bruce Miller

"I recently completed Bob’s taxidermy class; he has an expert knowledge
and passion for taxidermy that comes through as he teaches the process
step by step. In his one-on-one class, Bob customizes his teaching
technique to the skill set and comfort level of the student. I loved how
he would show me a step and then watch me as I repeat the process on my
own mount. He was right there if I had any questions or problems and
allowed me to learn at my own pace. The environment was so relaxed. He
made sure that I understood each step and would be able to successfully
accomplish the process on my own. Many of his students have finished his
class and immediately opened up their own shop. If you want to open your
own shop or just do your own trophies, Bob’s class will definitely
prepare you with the understanding of the taxidermy process to do it."

Cathy D