Rainbow Trout Paint Chart

Posted by Administrator on 3/28/2011 to Fish Charts

Rainbow Trout

Colors UsedHow to Apply
100 Basecoat SealerEntire Fish
971 Silver MetallicMiddle sides of fish
702 Pure WhiteBelly, gill covers, inside mouth, ventral and anal fins
207 Tie-In BrownTop of head and back, lightly across dorsal fin and tail
972 Silver Pearl or 975 Chrome PearlescentGo over white and silver on sides, belly and cheeks
472 Medium Candy GreenTop of back and head
171 Candy Gill RedLightly reproduce red stripe through middle of sides and cheek
911 Iridescent RedOver 171
601 Jet BlackReproduce spots in sides and fins (use reference). Note: You may use a gold tip marker to tip scales on back and upper sides
102 Natural FleshVent, shade inside of mouth
GlossEntire Fish

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