Speckled Trout Group by Bass Taxidermy Inc.

Lone Star Reproductions have been long recognized as some of the finest repo’s in the country. They offer the ultimate in detail, natural pleasing poses, with thin, transparent, flexible fins. They are also easy to prepare for painting. Fish can be ordered with wood in either side or in belly for pedestal mounts. Just let us know when ordering. 3-5 week delivery time. The vast majority of our fish are suitable for 2-sided pedestal mounts. If considering a fish for 2 sided mount, contact us and we will check the mold to make sure it is good on both sides.

We offer our fish in 3 different stages:

Unfinished – You put it together. (the price listed is for an unfinished blank)

Ready to Paint – All prep work has been done, eyes installed, Mouth and gill area done. $10.00 an inch (Length). You must call if interested in a Ready to Paint Reproduction.

Finished – Ready to hang on wall (3D hanger included). $17.00 an inch (Length). Shipping not included. You must call if interested in a Finished Reproduction.

If you have a fish you need molded, please contact us.

Please Note: Some of the fish on this site are shown fins installed/painted/finished, etc. Unless you are ordering a "Ready To Paint" or a finished blank, yours will not be painted or "Ready To Paint".

 Product Names Are As Follows: Species----Model #------Length------Girth

Description Legend: LT = Left turn, RT = Right Turn, ST = Straight, CM = Closed Mouth, OM = Open Mouth, OG = Open Gills, CG = Closed Gills
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