White Crappie Paint Chart

Posted by Administrator on 3/28/2011 to Fish Paint Schedules

White Crappie

Colors UsedHow to Apply
100 Basecoat SealerEntire fish
702 Pure WhiteBelly, gill covers, inside of mouth
207 Tie-In BrownTop of back, shade fins
972 Silver PearlOver 702 and upper sides, fins
932 Gold PearlMiddle of sides
472 Candy Medium GreenUpper back
404 Black GreenMarkings and shading (use reference)
941 Iridescent GreenMiddle sides, cheeks, lower jaw
951 Iridescent BlueTop of head and back
101 Gill RedGills
102 Natural FleshVent, lightly on base of fins
702 Pure WhiteTouch up white areas
GlossEntire fish

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